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Cooper Krause

Director of Finance Strategy


Cooper Krause earned his Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree and Master of Science in Accounting degree from the University of Kansas. Since, he has used this knowledge to propel his career as the Director of Finance Strategy at Stead & Associates PLLC.  Mr. Krause shares responsibilities for the overall organizational, investment and capital, marketing, and management operations decisions of the Company.  He will be at the forefront of driving strategic initiatives. As a key member of the directive team, Mr. Krause is instrumental in formulating and executing strategies that align with the Company’s long-term goals. Mr. Krause’s position includes many responsibilities, including overseeing the development and implementation of the Company’s strategic plans and identifying market opportunities. 

Mr. Krause also works closely with the Business development team to identify improvements to important business processes. Based on Mr. Krause’s background, the Company uses his expertise to spearhead integration projects to position the Company for success in a rapidly evolving financial landscape and forecast business accordingly. As a point of contact for strategic partnerships and alliances, he is tasked with navigating complex negotiations and collaborations to enhance the Company’s market presence. Mr. Krause brings extensive expertise from the realm of large-scale sales endeavors. He ensures meticulous compliance with all relevant aspects of solution design and delivery processes, business control, and secures timely approvals before bid submissions. 

His commitment to excellence is integral to his role at Stead & Associates and underscores his dedication to the success of sales initiatives, and company growth.