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Liza Parent

Director of Business Development


Liza Parent is the Director of Business Development at Stead & Associates PLLC.  Ms. Parent shares responsibilities for the overall organizational, investment and capital, marketing, and management operations decisions of the Company.  More specifically, Ms. Parent’s role consists of consulting with potential business partners, managing acquisitions, and using her specific skillset to drive the business forward. Ms. Parent has nearly two decades of experience in the banking and fintech industries where her efforts have played a critical role in enabling core banking transformation and enhancement of finance operations for the organizations she represents. As a seasoned architect of change, with a meticulous eye and strategic mind, Ms. Parent has orchestrated major overhauls in the finance and accounting spaces for several institutions, each transition a testament to her unwavering commitment to progress. Although established in the banking industry, Ms. Parent is pivoting in her career as she navigates business development as the focal point.

Ms. Parent earned her Bachelor of Arts in English degree, with a minor in Computer Science, from Arizona State University.